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Weight Pull Day - Handlová / Competetion - proposition

 Competetion - proposition

Weight pull day Handlová


Day:                            13.7.2013

Place:                         Area SOŠ Handlová, Slovakia

Program:                    Presentation: from 9.00 to 12.00 a.m. - weight measurement will be made                                 by presentation

                                   Supposed competetion begining at 12.30 p.m.


dogs: to 20 kg /  from 20 kg to 27 kg / from 27 kg to 35 kg / over 35 kg

bitches: to 19 kg / from 19 kg to 25 kg / from 25 kg to 31kg / over 31 kg

Category winners:      Evaluated and awarded will be fist 3 competitors in each weight                                       category

Absolut winner:           Dog and bitch which pulles highest multiple of the own weight

Payment:                    15 EUR for 1th dog and 10 EUR for all other competing dogs of one                                 owner, payment will be made by presentation at the place of                                            competetion

Closing date:              till 10.7.2013

General regulations:

                        Track will be long 6m, trolleyat rails, carpet surface

                        Handler +1 helper

                        Maximum 8 tests + 1 repaired, time for one test – 90 sec.

                        Competetion is availble for all breeds which are able to pull, they can                   also be dogs with cropped ears and also without pedigree. Dog can                   compete only with harness made for pulling.

                        Age limit - dogs under 1 year and older than 12 years can not compete.

                        Bitches in heat can not compete and they also cant be in competing                                area.

                        All owners are responsible for dogs behavioring and also responsible                              for damage made by theyr dogs.

                        Organisers can make changes in program.


Accomodation:           college in area SOŠ Handlova

                                   Payment:  5,50 EUR per night / person

                                                     7 EUR per night / person + dog

Accomodation limit:    20 rooms each have 3 beds / must be ordered in advance

                                   Contact person: Ing. Peter Slaný /

                                   00421 918 536 474

Refreshments:           in competetion area

Veterinary conditions:

                                   By presentation must be showed valid vaccinations and veterinary                                   confimation that dog is healthy, not older than 3 days or PET passport.                            Dogs from abroad must have a pet passport with valid vaccinations.


Application form:        send filled application form to email:

Contact:                      Mestský kynologický klub Handlová

                                   predseda:       Ing. Rastislav Dobiš

                                                           Morovnianska cesta 18/15

                                                           972 51  Handlová, Slovensko

Informations on phone: Ing. Rastislav Dobiš, 00421 902 066 336,